Lonely Worm Farm

The Lonely Worm Farm is a fledgling community center, set on a beautiful 29 acre plot in Dutchess County, New York, where people of diverse bodies, minds and backgrounds can learn about and practice horticulture, wild food identification and cooking, herbal healing, traditional craft-making, and a wide array of arts, from drawing to tai chi. 

Guided by permaculture and biodynamic principles, we are experimenting with different means of restoring soil health, growing an abundance of species and doing our part to reduce carbon levels. We will share our experience and be a place of education and connection for people with disabilities and others who want to get closer to earth and sky, mulch and mugwort.

Our first project–set for the summer of 2021–will be the Lonely Worm Path, a wheelchair accessible loop through our southern field that will be bordered by medicinal herbs growing at various levels so as to be visible, smellable, and pickable to people with various mobility issues.  The path will wind to a shady picnic area where we will conduct our first workshops on making tinctures, teas and other products from wild and cultivated herbs.  Also this summer, we will welcome our first interns, who will learn about setting up a regenerative farm and help us create a foraging trail.

For more info, visit www.lonelywormfarm.com