The Felix Awards

The Felix Awards were created in order to honor artists, writers, thinkers, dancers, actors, and other individuals in the arts who have moved the general public’s perception of disability away from fear, loathing, or mindless admiration towards a more nuanced wonder at the multiplicity of being and the diversity of experience.

Felix Awards Recipients:

2014 Andrew Solomon, Jill Mullin

2015 Maysoon Zayid

2016 Rebecca Alson Milkman

2017 Steve Silberman, Liana Finck

2018 Amy Herzog & Sam Gold

While living with a disability and caring for those with disabilities is no picnic, neither is it the gloomy tomb it is often made out to be. Indeed, the challenges, pains, frustrations, and injustices associated with disability can lead to creativity, resilience, humor and novel ways of perceiving the world. Much of the disconnect between what disability looks like from the outside and what it feels like from the inside has to do with misunderstanding and inexperience.

Extreme Kids & Crew is premised on the belief that the arts have an important role to play in breaking down some of this misunderstanding. A deeper knowledge of disability not only makes for better manners and civic relations, it can also help members of the general public better accept their own frailties, quirks, and mortality. Most of us will become disabled at some point in our lives.  Most of us will also care for a disabled loved one. Understanding that disability need not be a punishment, banishment, end-of-everything-good, but that it is simply part of life is surely useful to our collective mental health.